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    Entrance fees 

Főoldal Fel 50 ÉV Érdekességek Fotógaléria Fazola Fesztivál






Entrance fees to the institutions of the Hungarian Museum for Science and Technology


   Entrance fees to the institutions of the Hungarian Museum for Science and Technology (Museum for the Metallurgical Museum, Massa Museum, Aluminium Industry, Electrotechnical Museum, Foundry Museum, Chemistry Museum) are defined – as per January 1, 2008 – as follows:

Ticket Price, Huf
Adults 600 Ft/capita
Students and young people (6-26 years)

300 Ft/capita

Retired people (62-70 years)

300 Ft/capita

Ticket for students’ group (10-) 150 Ft/ capita
Ticket for group (10-) 500 Ft/capita
Permission for taking pictures 1000 Ft/piece
Permission for video shooting

1000 Ft/piece

Children’s programs at weekends and on weekdays

300 Ft/capita









Fees for guided tours, Huf

Number of persons Hungarian Foreign languages
1-5 400 Ft/capita 600 Ft/capita
6-20 3500 Ft/group 6500 Ft/group
25- 5500 Ft/group 8000 Ft/group


Special entrance fees may be set for temporary exhibitions.



Entrance to the institutions of the Hungarian Museum for Science and Technology is free for persons as follows:

            a) Children under 6 years

            b) Handicapped persons and 1 accompanying person per handicapped

      c) Persons with professional entrance ticket issued by the Minister of Education and Culture and such in possession of a certificate entitling for free entrance as defined in a separate point

      d) Italian subjects under 18 and over 62 years old, on the basis of an international contract.



 Entrance is free (family weekend)

     a) On the first Saturday of every month for persons under 26 yeas as well as for such under 18 years with, at most, two accompanying close relatives,

    b) For all the visitors on the national holidays of the Hungarian Republic (March 15, August 20, October 23),



/ID-s/membership cards entitling to free entrance and validated for the given year:

-         ICOM membership card,

-         Domestic and international journalist ID,

-         Membership card of a Circle of Friends of a Museum,

-         Membership card of the Democratic Trade Union of Cultural and Public Educational Workers.



The fulfilment of the conditions entitling to free entrance entitles to visiting the exhibition(s) of the museum only, for events organized at the museum the valid entrance fee has to be paid.



When selling entrance tickets, the rulings of Government Decree 195/2000. (IX.24) as modified by Government Decree 281/2007. (X.25) have, in every case, to be taken into account, as concerns the benefits due to the visitors of museal institutions.


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